UT 4 Morris Z with Dickens of Loughborough 14 seater bus Bodywork pictured new Outside Queens Park gates Loughborough. The photo shows the vehicle in Farrows original livery of Chocolate.
(Photograph courtesy of John Bennet)
    AAY 104 Bedford WTB Duple 25 seat bodywork, bought new in 1937 and sold to Lewis Cotgrave in 1938.      
  AUT 891 Dennis Lancet with 32 seat Willowbrook bodywork, bought new in1938 and Remained in the fleet until 1952 when it passed to Hampsons of Oswestry. One photo Shows the vehicle on a Private Hire in London.
    CNR 283 Bedford OWB WITH Duple 29 seat bodywork originally bought new in 1942 With Roe 28 seat Utility bodywork. Sold in 1962 to Dunn of Blackley.
    DRR 506 Leyland Cub C24F purchased for emergency cover 11/47 until 01/48 sold to Potter Shepshed.
    FJU 551 Seddon MK4 with Perkins Engine and 29 seat full-cab bodywork by Thurgood of Ware whose factory it is seen outside. Bought new in 1948 and passed to Waterhouse of Burwash in 1956.
    GUT 976 Bedford SB with Thurgood 29 seat bodywork (Body no 608) Bought new in 1951 and passed to Saunders of Hurlestone in 1955.
EN 9688 Crossley SD 477 with 33 seat bodywork by County of Leigh, new in 1948 to Auty of Bury. Also operated at that time was a similar vehicle with Bellhouse Bodywork.
    HJU 883 Dennis Lancet seen parked up on a Leicester City excursion.      
    DAK 684 Dennis Lancet 2 plaxton C37F Operated 1951/56 sold to Coronation Stapleford.      
    LWP 313 Karrier Q25 with Auto Cellulose14 seater bodywork,photo shows vehicle with a later operator.      
  KAY 454 Bedford SBG with Burlington 33 seat bodywork, bought new in 1954 and Passed to Towler of Emneth in 1961. Second photo shows KAY leaving Huntingdon Street Bus Station Nottingham heading for Mablethorpe on Hire to Trent.
    OTO 410 A.E.C. Regal 1 with Yeates 37 seat full cab bodywork in its Astill & Jordons Colours. This vehicle began live as GL 5831 A.E.C. Regal 06622039 with Weyman C32R Bodywork about 1938 & operated by Bath Tramway Motor Company Ltd a subsidiary Of Bristol Tramway & Carriage Company Ltd withdrawn 1951. Sold to F J Miller Bristol then to K & M Coaches Nottingham who had it rebodied as we see in photo and re- Registered OTO 410. From K & M it went to Blankley Coaches (Gem) Colsterworth, then To Goodacre & Attewell (Meltax Coaches) Melton Mowbray and then in Nov 1953 to Farrows until 1957 when it passed to Harrison of Morecombe, then to Astill & Jordon.
  MUT 932 Bedford SBG with Yeates Rivera 41 seat bodywork bought new in 1956 and Operated for 10 years before going to Horseman of Bourne. One photo show s the Coach outside the Old Salvation Army Garage in Pall Mall Melton and the other shows MUT outside the Horse & Groom Public House in Rearsby on an Evening Tour.

  OJU 178 Bedford SBG with Plaxton Consort 1 41 seat bodywork bought new in 1957 And operated until 1968 when it passed to Sanders of Rushden. One photo shows the Coach outside the Old Melton Farmers Depot in Pall Mall Melton with just visable a Commer 2 stroke lorry belonging to the Melton Farmers. The second photo shows the Coach outside the Salvation Army Garage with the old Dog & Gun public house behind. The Third photo shows the vehicle not long after delivery
    HJW 269 Bedford OB with Duple Bodywork. This vehicle had 18 Aircraft seats fitted in 2s and 1s with full cocoa matting carpet. Notice the Continental step below the Drivers/emergency door. Photo taken in Mill Street Melton Mowbray outside the Old G.P.O. Workshops.
  PNR 536 Bedford SB3 with 41 seat Duple Vega bodywork, bought new in1958 and Operated until 1964 when passed to Button of Brackley. First photo taken outside a hotel on Clifton Drive Blackpool whilst on a Illuminations week-end excursion. Second Photo shows vehicle in Huntingdon St Bus Station on Hire to Trent
  DTS 270 Bedford SBO with 34 seat Plaxton Venturer bodywork new to Watson of Dundee in 1954. To Farrows in 1958 and operated until 1965 passing to unknown. Photos show coach outside old Salvation Army Garage with the Royal Oak Public House in front. The other photo shows the coach in New Street M.M. with the back of The Salvation Army Garage seen above roof and the houses in Pall Mall behind.
  OWX 363 Bedford SBG with Plaxton Venturer 34 seat bodywork new in 1955      
    KDA 202 Bedford SB with Duple Vega 28 seat bodywork new in 1952 to Grey of Grendon Underwood.      
  RGA 136 Bedford SBG with Duple Vega 41 seat bodywork new in 1956 to Matthews Of Kilmarnock. Photo shows coach ready to enter original garage in Pall Mall M. M. With the Old Dog & Gun Public house on the right, the other one is taken on Mill Street Car Park M. M. On a misty morning.
    PUS 809 Bedford SBG with 37 seat Plaxton Venturer bodywork new in 1956 to Simpson Of Roseharty. Operated by Farrows for 1 year only passing to Waltons of Marlborough
  904 CPT Bedford SB3 with 40 seat Yeates Europa bodywork new to Favorite No2 of Coundon 1959 coming to Farrows in 1961, passing to Raisebeck of Bedlington in 1969. One photo taken outside garage in Pall Mall M.M. & the other outside the Cottages in Thorpe End M.M . which is now Mc Donalds.
    48 TMT Bedford C4Z2 with Duple Vista 29 seat bodywork taken outside the Royal Oak Public House Pall Mall M.M. This coach was new in 1959 to Jordon of Bedlington, with Farrows for 1 year passing to Swanbrook of Cheltenham 1963.
    EEX 5 Bedford SB3 41 seater with Duple Vega bodywork, new 1960 to Yaxley/Sayers Of Gt Yarmouth. Seen outside Garage awaiting a wash      
    XWE 266 Bedford SBG with 41 seat Yeates Rivera (590) bodywork, new to Sheffield Tours.      
    264 BLB Bedford Duple vega 41 seat ex Alpha Brighton operated 1964/72 sold to Burn Walsingham.      
    TBD 310 Bedford SB1 with 41 seat Duple Vega bodywork new to Shelton & Osbourne Nr Kettering. Seen outside the new Garage in North Street M.M. Passed to Wigston Boys Club Leicester in 1978.
    717 YLG Bedford 41 seater with Duple Bella Vega bodywork, new to Beswick of Hyde In 1963 passing from Farrows to Brewer of Combwish 1974. Again outside the new Garage with Commer non PSV minibus in background.

  ETU 638B Bedford SB5 41 seat Duple Bella Vega, new to Andrews of Sheffield in1964. With Farrows 1968 to 77 seen outside garage then exported to Cyprus. Second photo Shows vehicle in Cyprus with its “New Body”.
  3409 NT Bedford SB5 with 41 seats and Duple Bella Vega Bodywork, new to Salopia Whitchurch 1964. Photo shows original rear sign writing.      
  CWD 707C Bedford SB5 WITH 41 SEAT Harrington Crusader IV bodywork, new to Arnolds of Twogates in 1964 and operated by Farrows for 8 years passing to Downham Market School in 1976. Photos shows coach outside garage & in colour At Coach park in Kielder Forest.
  AMJ 828C Bedford VAL 14 with 52 seat Duple Vega Major bodywork new to Kenzie Of Sheparth in 1965 passing to Farrows in 1971 remaining in the fleet until 1977 When passed to Griffen of Lydbrook. Photo shows coach outside garage with Peter Farrow at the wheel.
    JYD 519D Ford R192 with 45 seat Duple Empress bodywork, new to Nash of Nuneaton. This was the first Ford Chassis coach operated. To Farrows in 1972 passing to B.R.S. Derby 1982 ?
    XNR 748 J Ford Transit Deansgate minibus with 12 seats, new in 1971. Photo shows. Minibus alongside JPG 666K Ford R1114      
    UMB 326E Bedford VAM5 with 45 seat Duple Viceroy bodywork, new to Bell of Moreton in 1967.      
    JPG 666K Ford R1114? With 53 seat Duple Viceroy bodywork, new to Pirt of Dorking In 1971.      
    GVC 234L Leyland Leopard PSU3/4R with 53 seat Plaxton Elite bodywork, new to Red House Motor Services, Coventry 1973. Photo taken on Porlock Hill Somerset.      

  3410 PF (EX PRW 136M) Leyland Leopard PSU3/4R with Plaxton Elite Bodywork, new To Red House Motor Services, Coventry. Photo shows coach with MK 2 front just after Re-paint, other photo shows a few years later.
  TXJ 537K Leyland Leopard PSU5A/4R with 57 seat Plaxton Elite bodywork, new to Selnec Manchester in 1972. Operated by Farrows from 1981 to 1992 passing to Nesbit Bros Somerby.
    BFP 4Y Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3R Plaxton 3500 body with 49 seats and Rear Toilet.      
    RNL 430G Bedford VAS5 with Plaxton 29 seat bodywork      
    KAD 344V Leyland Leopard PSU5C/4R with 53 seat Plaxton bodywork      
    KAD 345V as above      
    OHE 284X Leyland Tiger plaxton C53F Ex S.U.T. Sheffield purchased 1987 sold 91 to Todd Middleton.      
    Jack Farrow with driver Mush Wright      
    Melton Working Mens Club outing to Mablethorpe in the late 1940,s with drivers L to R Nobby Newbold, Ernie Ashmore, Bert Avery, Cyril Spawton, Roland Orton, Jack Farrow & Arthur Farrow. The coach on the extreme left is BHP 783 Maudsley SF40 with Burlington Full- Cab Bodywork and 37 seats. The 4th from left is CNR 283 Bedford OWB with Roe utility bodywork and 28 seats prior to its re-bodying in 1950 With Duple 29 seat bodywork
    Melton Fishing Club outing. L to R ? /Steve Barnard/? / ? / Herbert Glover/ Jack Farrow.      
    Farrows bus ticket (front)      
    Farrows bus ticket (rear) shows advertising for the Pork Butchers shop.      
    Farrows bus ticket - Skegness Sunday service